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National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is a professional association representing all private-sector electronic broadcast media houses in Uganda. NAB members provide a variety of entertainment, education, music, news, sports and community service listeners and viewers all over Uganda.

NAB has long-standing and cordial working relationships with local NGOs, Government parastatals, Ministries, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and community groups at the grass roots level throughout Uganda. NAB boasts of 17 years of extensive knowledge of the broadcasting sector and accumulated operational experience.

In Uganda’s highly-fragmented electronic media sector every business corporation/ entity requires a media partner that is;

  • Industry-knowledgeable;
  • Extensively networked with various media stations nationwide, and
  • With a strong production and supervisory capacity to ensure a value added and cost-effective media engagement of whatever form to meet your expectations thus dealing directly with its media members with no need for “middlemen”.


The National Association of Broadcasters, Uganda, is the voice for the nation’s radio and television broadcasters. As the premier association for broadcasters, NAB advances the interests of our members in government, business sector and country at large by:

Improving quality and profitability of broadcasting industry

Encouraging content and technology innovation

Advocating for self regulation so stations develop better and unique ways stations serve their communities.

Regulate its regulations with Government and any outsiders,

Act as an intermediary among its members,

Identify and meet the needs of its members (which it is definitely more able to do because of the concerted efforts and resources)

Regulate the actions of its members to prevent the need for extreme measures by Government that may affect the whole industry


NAB is mandated to be the source of all information concerning electronic broadcasting like;

  • Proposed and existing Legislation
  • Trends in the media market
  • Changes in Government Policy

NAB is also mandated to keep its members abreast with information about all events and changes in the industry, provide legal advice and guidance and act as a resource centre for media houses.


NAB exists to proactively and vigilantly advance the rights and interests of free, local radio and television broadcasters. Our members receive exceptional advocacy, information, networking opportunities and career development.
A summary of the benefits that accrue from belonging to NAB are summarized below;


Defend its members from unfair pricing and treatment from its secondary publics like Uprs, Ipsos the media monitoring monopoly in the industry at present


Legal Calendar; NAB helps you stay on schedule with deadline renewals through reminders to the parties concerned


NAB ensures that the industry stays abreast with relevant and timely industry matters through NABs quarterly newsletter on its website and mail updates.


NAB is working towards limiting media liability coverage costs designed to break the industry and cripple its business through lawsuits and hefty damage awards.


Getting regular first hand information on business opportunities


Members visits aimed at strengthening links and identifying organizational issues that may require NABs urgent attention for redress


NAB provides strong leadership presence for the broadcast industry in Uganda through; Championing crusades against the illegal closure and arrest of broadcast houses and their workers,

  • Raising awareness of broadcasters innovations such as the digital migration age
  • Protecting the broadcast spectrum by always monitoring the political trends and other factors that may affect the industry
  • Protecting broadcasters free speech rights
  • Encouraging self regulation
  • Fighting the imposition of unfair and duplication of taxes in the industry to enable the industry thrive as a business.