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First Quarter Meeting Recap: Progress and Future Goals

On the 25th of April, our team gathered for the first quarter meeting at Kati Kati, chaired by Dr. Innocent. The meeting focused on evaluating our progress over the past quarter and setting objectives for the remainder of the year. Below are the key points discussed during the meeting:

1. National Lottery

We are in the process of sharing a comprehensive document with the National Lottery. This document outlines not only what they can purchase but also what we have to offer as we continue to push for media buying. Our goal is to establish a robust partnership that benefits both parties and enhances our media presence.

2. IPSOS Research

There are significant gaps in the current research conducted by IPSOS, which has resulted in delays. We are actively consulting with the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to find solutions that will provide us with more reliable research. The aim is to address these loopholes and improve the quality and timeliness of the research data we receive.


A major point of discussion was the need to push for the separation of SGNET from the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC). SGNET continues to fall short in terms of service delivery. We need them to be transparent about their rates and clearly communicate the value of their services to broadcasters. Ensuring clarity and reliability in these areas is crucial for our future engagements.

4. New Membership and Invoicing

We have distributed invoices and are diligently tracking the progress of onboarding new members. This effort is essential to expand our network and enhance our collective capabilities. Bringing new members on board will help us diversify and strengthen our community.

The meeting was productive, and we are optimistic about achieving our goals for the rest of the year. Continuous improvement and strategic partnerships will be our focus as we move forward.

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